Independent Publishing Solutions

Your book is finished. You’ve poured heart, soul, and time into telling your story or encapsulating your message. It’s time to get it out there: reaching readers, making a difference, perhaps building your professional or ministry platform.

All you have to do is get it edited first. Oh, and formatted. And find a cover designer. Learn to create and upload ebook files. Create accounts with retailers and distributors. Position yourself for effective marketing . . .

Or you could just come to us.

Independent publishing has opened the doors for thousands of authors to reach their readers. But while it’s an open door for everyone, there are a lot of moving pieces. Everyone can learn to DIY the whole thing. But it takes time and effort you may not have to give, and you’re courting newbie mistakes every step of the way.

That’s where we come in.

We are a team of young, dynamic, and experienced professionals with a passion for helping authors tell their stories and get their messages out there. When you hire IPS you are hiring a top-notch staff for your publishing venture. We will handle every part of getting your book out there, from substantive editing to directing royalties straight to your bank account.

By the end of this process, you not only own 100% of every part of your book (with every penny of its earnings going straight to you), you own a small publishing company.

And all it took was one e-mail.

Ready to learn more?


  • Top-notch editorial . . . included.
  • Real, individualized custom design for both your cover and interior. No templates here!
  • Comprehensive services for a one-time flat fee: after that, your book (and all its income) belongs entirely to you.
  • Hands-on help. Real people. Real consultation. We’ll even fly out for a visit if you need it.*
  • Your book, your business. View us as a powerhouse publishing staff working for you.

*Travel and consultancy fees apply.


  • We don’t pay royalties. This is because we don’t keep (or even handle) your money. You pay a one-time flat fee; after that, every penny you earn goes straight to your mailbox or bank account.
  • We don’t believe one size fits all. That’s why all of our packages include in-depth editorial, custom cover and interior design, and customized pricing.
  • We don’t spring “extras” on you at the last minute or try to sell you services you don’t really need. Every major component of publishing is included in your package, from editorial to full distribution.
  • We don’t market your work. But we provide you with real marketing aids, like a personalized website with your mailing list and autoresponders already set up so you can stay in touch with your readers; prepublication galleys sent out to industry reviewers; and presales enabled to help you launch your book successfully.* We offer free resource lists and white papers to teach you the ropes and point you to real help. We don’t sell you materials you don’t need (300 bookmarks, anyone?) or PR services that don’t sell.
  • We don’t control ANY of your rights. You own every word, paragraph, and punctuation mark of your work.

*Website and galleys included with Pro + Marketing Package only. Click here for more details.


Yes, you could. You can find and hire your own editor, designer, ebook formatter, printer, distributors, and more. Indie publishing is a business, and anyone can learn it.

But if you’d rather:

  • Skip the learning curve
  • Avoid newbie mistakes
  • Pay one flat fee to just one company
  • Get from rough draft to “on sale” in 3-6 months*
  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride . . .

. . . then we recommend Independent Publishing Solutions. Check out our packages or contact us today.

*This is a typical turnaround time, but depending on editorial needs and other factors, including your own schedule, your mileage may vary.


Need an in-person consultation at any point in the publishing process, including before or after? We’ll fly out! Travel costs and consultancy fees apply (but tea and coffee are on us).

Want to put out a new edition, with new content or a new format? We’re available to help!

Need help managing your book listings online and with printers and stores? Enlist our aid for a management fee.

Book doing so well that you want to switch to an offset press and do a huge print run of 20k or more? We’ll find the best printer for you and handle file uploads and other logistics.

Contact us today.