What if I’ve already had my book edited? Will you prorate your packages?

A: Probably. Every contract we make with clients is priced individually, so we can and do take prior work into account. We’ll need to take a look at the book and make sure it’s really print ready (there’s a good chance we will still include proofreading in the package). But we won’t make you pay to reinvent the wheel. We are able to design custom packages as well.

Will Independent Publishing Services be listed as my publisher?

A: No. We are not a publisher. We set you up under your own name (or company name) so that you retain all control and earn every penny that comes from sales of your books. You don’t even buy your books from us—when you want copies, you’ll get them straight from the printer, at cost.

Your prices seem kind of high. Why is that?

A: No other “self-publishing company” includes high-end editorial in their packages. That is a major cost of publishing that we have already rolled in. We also offer individualized, high-quality cover and interior design for every book—no templates here!

Keep in mind that we don’t make a penny off sales of your book—to you or to your readers. You pay cost for your books, and every penny from every sale goes to you. This is in contrast to most self-publishing companies (aka subsidy publishers), which make much of their income from selling books to you.

Will you market my book?

A: No. As both author and publisher, the responsibility to market is yours. However, if you opt to purchase the Pro + Marketing Package, we will do everything we can to give you a competitive edge, enable you to build an effective platform, and help your books market themselves, so to speak. This includes building an author website that already uses incentives and autoresponders to start building a strong e-mail list, plus consultation on how you can keep your platform healthy and growing.

And of course, all of our books include the most basic components of marketing: well-edited content, a quality and attractive cover, and full distribution.

Do you take on every book submitted to you?

A: Unfortunately, no. We are only able to take on books that are a good fit for our skill set. Most books qualify. If you’re not sure, contact us!

*Note that we are not able to handle children’s picture books at this time.

Are you a Christian company?

A: Yes and no. We certainly are not limited to handling Christian authors and titles. However, our background is in Christian publishing specifically, so we do have a competitive edge in working with titles that fit this market.

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