Who We Are

In 2007, the indie publishing revolution was still years away. Kindle was not yet on the scene. “Self-publishing” reeked of stigma and usually meant a garage full of unsaleable books. But Rachel Starr Thomson, a twentysomething writer and editor, saw change on the horizon. Using Lulu’s then-new printing service, she produced her first paperback, Heart to Heart: Meeting with God in the Lord’s Prayer, followed by a novel, Worlds Unseen, under the monicker of Little Dozen Press.

Seven years later, Rachel sat in disbelief as a table full of long-time traditional publishing professionals literally applauded her as an indie publishing pioneer.

Little Dozen Press quickly grew, and with more than 30 titles in its catalogue and her independent editing business burgeoning into high demand, Rachel found it was necessary to assemble a team to get her books into the world.

That team—responsible for editing, designing interiors and covers, electronic formatting and uploading, distributing, printing, marketing, branding, website design and maintenance, and all the other moving parts of independent publishing—is today the core team of Independent Publishing Solutions.

We realized we had become adept at managing a process that for many people is a minefield, and so we decided to take our services to the world.

Rachel founded IPS in 2015 along with Carolyn Currey, who has served as title manager for Little Dozen Press for five years. Along with a stable of handpicked designers and service providers, we have over 30 years of combined experience producing high-quality work any author can be proud of and getting it out into the world.

That’s our journey so far. If you see a place for yourself in our story, we are thrilled to welcome you along!


RST author picRachel Starr Thomson, Acquisitions
In-demand editor, writer, and publisher Rachel Starr Thomson heads up acquisitions for IPS. She’ll be the one to welcome you to the journey, work out your contract and the services that are right for your book, and position your book in the market. Currently, she also does most of the hands-on editing for IPS client books.



24428_10151452439025011_454006291_nCarolyn Currey, Operations
Our head of operations, Carolyn Currey has seen dozens of titles from rough draft to shelf, overseeing the details from connecting authors with the perfect cover designer to formatting electronic books to setting up publisher accounts at retailers and printers and uploading files. Carolyn is the go-to person as our client books are shepherded from contract to shelf.


cropped-IPS-idea_22.jpgAnd Our Service Providers . . .
We work with a carefully cultivated group of independent contractors who design beautiful covers and interiors, copyedit and proofread, build websites, and more. We choose “our people” for their skill, their love of authors and books, their commitment to customer service, and their integrity. We can’t wait to introduce you!